Cabrillo Elementary Parent InformationParent Information

  • OFFICE STAFF:  Diane Sullivan and TBA

  • CABRILLO WEEKLY BULLETIN: The Weekly Bulletin is our primary means of communicating with parents. It is emailed weekly. Sign-Up on the Juan Cabrillo homepage on lower left side.

  • LUNCH INFORMATION:  Hot lunch and salad bar are served daily in the cafeteria.

    Lunch cards: Advance-Pay  lunch cards may be purchased in the office before 11:00am by  check only (no cash taken in office) payable to SMMUSD. It covers 20 lunches for $50. Buying a lunch card eliminates lost lunch money and would be a savings over purchasing individual lunches. The card is kept in the cafeteria.  It can be used as needed.  You may purchase several cards at one time but only one child per lunch card. Please keep a record at home of card usage. (Monthly menus sent home work well for this.) Reduced lunches are $8.00 per card. Applications for free/reduced lunch are available in the office.  You must reapply each new school year (or any time your financial status changes ). Only one application per family is required (including middle and high school). (Students approved from the prior school year may use the cafeteria for  free/reduced lunches pending  approval of the new  application for a short grace period.) Individual lunches are $3.00 and include milk. Milk alone is 35 cents.

  • ATTENDANCE:  Please phone the school office at 457-0360 early on the day your child is absent (or the night before-voice mail is 24 hrs) with the following information:  Child's name, teacher, grade and specific nature of illness (not just "sick" or "ill").  Please report any cases of contagious illness (i.e., measles, strep, lice). All absences require a parent phone call or note to be readmitted back into school. Please phone for Kindergarten and first grade absences as notes are easily lost.

  • TARDIES:  Students are expected to be in class by 8:15 am. We ask your cooperation in helping us teach the responsibility and importance of punctuality. Please plan ahead and leave ample time for morning drop-off (including traffic). Tardies are disruptive for the student, the rest of the class and the teacher. Students arriving late, not parents, must come to the office before going to their classroom for entry slip. The principal will be advised of students with excessive tardies and parents will be contacted in order to resolve any problems. We appreciate your help in getting your child to school on time.

  • INDEPENDENT STUDY:  Students needing to miss 5 or more days of school for non-medical reasons such as family business, vacations, etc. will be excused only by Independent Study. Parents may pick up and complete a form in the office a week or more in advance (min. of 48 hrs. or  by deadline dates published in the JTKYP around school holidays and breaks). Homework will be assigned and needs to be completed and returned on the day back to school.  Unexcused absences are not paid by the state and our school loses money.  Please plan ahead.

  • EMERGENCY CARDS:  These very important cards will be sent home during the first week of the new  school year. We need local Malibu contacts (at least two), doctors and medical information, daytime work phones,cell phones and pagers. Any person authorized to pick up your child must be on your emergency card including nannies, grandparents, etc. These are our main sources of information regarding you and your child, and the office relies on them for any emergencies, etc. Any  changes (phones, addresses, employment, medical, etc.) should be given to the office as soon as it is known.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KEEP THE CARDS UPDATED.

  • MEDICATIONS:  NO medication (over-the-counter or prescription) may be dispensed at school without orders from a physician. This includes aspirin, Benadryl, antihistamines,cough drops,herbal or homeopathic remedies,etc. All medications with instructions and doctor's orders must be brought to the office first thing in the morning. The child then reports to the office when it is necessary to take the medication. NO CHILD IS PERMITTED TO CARRY OR TAKE OVER-THE-COUNTER OR PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION IN CLASSROOMS.

  • PICKUP:  All children need to be picked up at the front of the school at dismissal. If your child is not being picked up immediately after school because of an emergency, please call the office to inform us of the delay. Students wait in the office until they are picked up by you or a designated person. We require that you use the drop off/pick up lane in front of the school and not attempt to park.  All students are brought to the front of the school by teachers in order to facilitate pick up. Although we share parent time concerns, our goal is safety, not necessarily convenience and time-saving for parents. A detailed program is outlined in the front of your student's planning book. Please take the time to read this.  We request your patience and understanding and best modeling while waiting for your student.
    EARLY PICKUP for doctor's appts., etc. require a parent to advise the teacher by note so the class will not be disturbed and any work can be prepared. The parent (or designated adult) is required to come into the office and sign out the student. DO NOT ASK YOUR CHILD TO COME UP AND WAIT FOR YOU. The staff will call the classroom when you arrive.

  • PARKING -  Parking is very limited at Cabrillo. The lot north of the Adm. Bldg. is for staff only.  For the safety of all our students, there is no parking, drop off, or turning around in this lot. Its size and configuration make this a risky situation. This includes the driveway to this lot. We require that you use the drop off/pick up lane in front of the school and not attempt to park in order to walk students to class. If you do need to park, the front lot by the grass area is our only available parking and very limited street parking. Some street parking is restricted or illegal and can be costly, particularly by the bus stop and fire hydrant across the street.  It is also very unsafe for students to be dropped off across the street whether they walk across themselves or are walked across by an adult.

  • LOST AND FOUND:  All lost items are placed in the metal cabinet near the school office. Small items such as jewelry, wallets, etc. will be held in the office. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO BRING LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY OR VALUABLE ITEMS TO SCHOOL.

  • DAYCARE AM & PM:  The Before and After School Program is located on the school grounds.  All children remaining after 3:00pm must be pre-registered with the program to attend.  Further information is available by calling Child Development at 399-5865.

  • TRANSPORTATION: The office has information regarding school bus service or 310-264-1856.

  • VISITORS: Cabrillo welcomes and encourages parents and members of the community to visit our school. Visitations are governed by the following regulations:  - Contact the school at least 24 hrs. in advance to allow the principal/teacher time to arrange the visit; - All visitors must check into the office upon arrival at school, sign in, and get a badge;  - Classroom visits will not exceed 20 minutes; - No recording device may be used without the principal's permission; - Visitors will check out in the office when the visit is concluded.

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