Bridges Transitional Kindergarten

Bridges Transitional Kindergarten at Cabrillo Elementary School in MalibuBridges, the new Transitional Kindergarten program at Juan Cabrillo Elementary, is part of SMMUSD’s Early Learning Pathway. Bridges is designed to acclimate our young children to our school community through building relationships between children, families, staff and our community, allowing our students to thrive and seamlessly transition into Cabrillo Elementary.

Bridges Transitional Kindergarten is a Reggio-inspired, STEAM-enhanced program that considers the whole child by supporting development of productive talk, guilding opportunities for collaboration with peers, and creating avenues to build community. Learning is based on in-depth studies of concepts, ideas, and interests that arise within the group.

Bridges Transitional Kindergarten offers a whole-child based early education experience through STEAM-enhanced curriculum:
  • Science through observing nature and following students’ interests.
  • Technology as a tool for researching and learning.
  • Engineering through building.
  • Arts as an avenue for expression of communication and understanding.
  • Mathematics developed through Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI).
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